Bust: 34"

Underbust: 29"

Waist: 26"

Hips: 34"

Eyes:  Green

Hair: Brown


Hello my fellow creepers! Erin Eerie here. Life-long fan of the horror genre, especially the supernatural. I have always been interested in the strange and macabre so it’s awesome to be part of this sexy group who shares my enthusiasm for that hair-raising world.

I have also dedicated my life to helping animals – because one horror I can’t stomach is the mistreatment of our fellow earthlings - which is why I have been living a vegan lifestyle and working and volunteering with animals for about 13 years now. In addition to animal activism, I like to support other groups like LGBTQ and victims of domestic violence, and in my spare time I enjoy hiking and camping, reading, photography, and art. 

Looking forward to meeting you all! Can’t find me? I can usually be found sitting on the floor petting your dog. (Forget the creepy van that says Free Candy… if I ever see one full of puppies, I’m dead.)