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 Bust 29" 

Underbust 27.5"

    Waist 23"

    Hips 28"

    Eyes Black

    Hair Brown


Greetings fellow monsters, I'm Guity Gory!  I'm an FX/makeup artist based out of L.A. with a passion for horror, film, and art.  As a makeup artist I get to do everything from sculpting prosthetics to airbrushing to making fake teeth and eyeballs!  I also enjoy drawing and painting in my spare time.  

I love getting to create creatures and using my art to tell stories.  Along with inspiring through art, I've also always been passionate about giving back in any way I can.  I've been an animals rights and arts education advocate for many years.

I've always identified with monsters and embraced being different!  We are all about community, bringing people together and giving back!  I can't wait for our frightfully fun adventures together!!  



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