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 Bust 38" 

Underbust 30"

    Waist 26.5"

    Hips 44"

    Eyes Light Brown

    Hair Auburn


I was originally drawn to horror by my father. When I was perhaps 6 or so, he and I bonded over a love of film. We would spend hours just curled up on the couch marveling at such awe-inspiring masterpieces. My dad is a fan of all things classic... so naturally we watched black and white films for hours on end. My true passion for horror was kindled with the Victorian era pieces and my all consuming crush on Gary Oldman as Dracula... *swoon*. As I got older we started watching SciFi horror and that is when I truly became a convert.

When I'm not out and about at my local haunts I love to be home cooking, reading and painting. I love animals more than anything in this world. If you want to be my friend simply introduce me to your pet! I'm absolutely honored for this opportunity and it means the world to me! It's a way to grow and empower oneself in a community of like-minded people as well as amazingly-badass-confident women. I hope to share that inspiration they give me with as many people as I can!


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